The Abundance

Title: The Abundance
Author: Amit Majmudar
Metropolitan Books New York
First Edition 2013
259 pages

Another book from Big Bad Wolf  at ICE. A hard cover book with a fancy cover and a price of only Rp 70,000 easily captured my heart.

A story of Indian family who lives in US. The mother suffers from terminal illness and at first she wants to keep it for herself however finally her two adult children find out and they try to spend their mother last days with things that she loves such as cooking Indian food.

I read many positive reviews about this book written by Amit Majmudar. Yet, I don't know I just couldn't finish this book. It is very slow moving that I lost interest before I got halfway through. I tried my best therefore I basically love the characters but I felt so bored with the story even I couldn't remember the page that I just read. I don't care enough to know what will happen to them. 

I guess I need a page-turner book. Tired with all the drama in the books I bought at Big Bad Wolf (just realized that most of the books I bought telling about Indian family).

Well...perhaps it's just an excuse for me to buy new books...hahaha... 

The Eternal Wonder

Title: The Eternal Wonder
Author: Pearl S. Buck
Indonesian Title: Pencarian yang Hakiki
Translator: Lanny Murtihardjana
Publisher: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2016
382 pages

I remember I read The Good Earth, the most famous literature written by Pearl S. Buck back in 1990s. This compassionate portrait of peasants in China that was published in 1931  haunting me and made me curious about Chinese's culture, the life, and everything there. Pearl S. Buck had her own way in delivering her vivid story, since she herself lived in China for a long time following her parents who worked as Presbyterian Missionaries, and made readers wanted to read her works more. She won the Pulitzer prize in 1932 for The Good Earth and she's the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938.

I read almost all her works. When I heard that a hand-written manuscript was discovered on January 2013, forty years after her death, I just couldn't wait to read it. The manuscript was found in a storage unit in Texas and finally returned to the Buck family. No body knew how on earth this manuscript could end up in Texas yet Pearl's son, Edgar Walsh decided to have the novel published even though his mother died before she was able to revise it.  Pearl was dead of cancer in 1973.

The Eternal Wonder is a story of a young guy, Randolph "Rann" Colfax, an extraordinary gifted young man whose search for meaning and purpose of life leads him to New York, England, Paris and a mission patrolling in Korea that will change his life forever.   

In his search of the real meaning of life, he meets Stephanie Kung who lives in Paris with her Chinese father. Stephanie's mother is an American woman who left her since she was a small girl. Rann and Stephanie both are young people who have lots of questions about life and other things. Life brings destinies to them and they have to accept it, no matter what.

Not Pearl S. Buck at her best but it is still beautiful. Recommended. If you never read Pearl S. Buck's work before, this one is easy to enjoy.

More on Pearl S. Buck, check HERE


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Title: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Directed by: Tim Burton
Produced by: Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping
Screenplay by: Jane Goldman
Based on: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
Casts: Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Judi Dench, Samuel L. Jackson

I saw this book of  Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children several times in the bookshop but I didn't know there's always something that stopped me to buy it. Perhaps since the book is full of photographs so I though it's just a children story book until finally I watch the movie with the girls last week and I got to admit that the story is totally AWESOME.

This was a debut novel by American author, Ransom Riggs. I am not a fan of fantasy story but I just found out that Riggs' imagination is enjoyable. When I checked his website I found out that Riggs is into photographs, travelling to places that are tricky to find on maps and exploring places therefore his story is rich with lots of magical things.

Luckily, the book was adapted into a movie by an excellent director, Tim Burton, no wonder that my girls and I stared at the screen religiously  for more than two hours wondering what will happen in the next scene?

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a story about a boy who follows clues from his grandfather's old photographs which lead him on an adventure that takes him to a large abandoned orphanage on a Welsh Island. Miss Peregrine's home is not just an ordinary orphanage, it's a magical place full of residents with their special powers, such as: Miss Peregrine who might turn into a bird, there's a girl who has the ability to float or a very strong girl and even a girl who can control fire, and many more.

The book has been a New York Times Best Seller and praised for its creative use of vintage photographs as well as good characterisation and settings. It is also already translated into Bahasa Indonesia by Gramedia.

And the movie is highly recommended as well. You'll love it.

Find more on the movie HERE 
While for more info about the author, check HERE

Super Camp 2016

We had a quiet Friday night last weekend. The girls were going camping in their school for two days. The programs were designed for grade 4-6 students since Najla is in grade 6 while Zea is in grade 4 so both of them joined that program.

The girls said that they had a good time.  They did lots of exciting stuff like a true scout (including playing with the mud and getting wet all over), cooking, eating together on a big banana leaf,  sitting around the  the bonfire, gazing at the stars, (the school prepared several telescopes for this activity), and they slept in a tent (although the girls said that they couldn't have good sleep since many of them were busy chit-chatting) on the school parking lot (but for them, it's still cool).

Picking them up on Saturday. The girls looked tired yet happy. Arrived home and fell in a deep sleep. While I was so very much relieved to find my home was complete again with the girls, the screaming, the running here and there, the messy home and everything. It feels like living in a real 'home'.  

A Little Life

Title: A Little Life
Author: Hanya Yanagihara
Publisher: Picador, 2015
724 pages

I have never been one of those people --I know you aren't, either-- who feels that the  love one has for a child is somehow a superior love, one more meaningful, more significant, and grander than any other.

--A Little Life page 163, Hanya Yanagihara

It took months for me to finish the book --despite the thickness and small fonts in the book-- and perhaps a life time to genuinely recover from reading this masterpiece written by American author of  Hawaiian ancestry, Hanya Yanagihara. It's a bestseller, the Man Booker Prize 2015 shortlisted, trending topic in social media and book clubs, and many more and even Jon Michaud in the New Yorker said that Yanagihara's novel can also drive you mad, consume you and take over your life

Perhaps the reason why it took me so long to finish the book was I simply just couldn't stand to finish the story. Yanagihara is a master storyteller. She can transform ordinary moments such as a day at the office, a fight between friends, everyday conversation, etc into something extraordinary. She's getting the details rights and completely described.  

A Little Life tells about four friends, Malcolm, Willem, JB, and Jude in New York City after they graduate from college. They dream to chase big careers and basically they made it. Malcolm is an architect, JB becomes a painter, Willem is a popular actor and Jude as a successful lawyer. 

Willem and Jude are so very close perhaps since they are both orphaned, have no money, and move into a small apartment that they can afford when they just start their career.

The story then focus on Jude, the most mysterious character among four. Jude is unknown, refuse to reveal anything about his childhood of life before meeting his friends. Apart from his successful career as a lawyer, he's actually broken, full of secrets, self-harming, slicing his arms at 2 am and makes his body a web of scar tissue.

This awesome book left me with lots of things. Never though that childhood sexual abuse could be that horrific. I got to hold my breath every time I read the parts of trauma and abuse. Serious sanction is definitely  a must to be imposed to the sexual abuse defendant. No matter what.

A highly recommended novel. A life time favorite.  

After translating 500 pages of documents...

All you want to do is having a deep sleep. 

For me it is added by visiting a bookshop. I just realized that I haven't been in the bookshop for quite sometime --I guess since I am busy finishing tons of books I bought at Big Bad Wolf (and there are still a lot left unread)-- and the feeling of happiness was still there, being around books. I thought that I need some simple book that I could finish it within a day and finally found The Architecture of Love written by Ika Natassa.  The good book was already in my hands, now it's time to drop by at a cafe, ordered a hot green tea latte and drowned in Raia and River's adventure in New York. Well...this book turned out to be interesting since it made me wanted to visit New York #AddTheBucketList.

The next day, I decided to fulfill my other interest which was going to a cinema and enjoying good movies. Here it went, I watched three movies for three days in a row. Yes, you read it right. I started by watching Ini Kisah 3 Dara and felt in love with the story and  suddenly wanted to go to Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara, the setting of the movie which is dangerously beautiful. The next day, I went and watched Warkop Reborn and laughing till my stomach hurt (not doing such things for so long). Last movie that I watched with the girls was BFG. We love this big friendly giant and enjoyed all parts of the movie.

Today I just stayed home (cooking ketupat??? Of course not), planned to read some books yet ended up falling a sleep. However I feel recharged now, ready to welcome Eid al-Adha tomorrow.  Hope everyone having a blessed holiday, too.

When in Rome...& Vatican

My heart turned upside down at the time I saw the earthquake in Italy. The ruins, the victims, the gloomy feeling made me deeply sad. I don't know when I can visit that beautiful country again yet the urge to explore it is always here, in my heart.

If I flash backed a bit, it was in early March this year, my friends and I were enjoying our Europe trip. Then we decided to spend our last days in Rome and Vatican. Rome is the capital city of Italy while Vatican is the smallest state in the world by both area and population.

As I stayed in Venice before so after leaving this romantic floating city in a water taxi, then off we went on a four-hour train heading to Termini Station, Rome.

Arrived in Rome and felt a bit dizzy with a cold wind, cloudy weather, dusty surrounding, and several beggars who kept asking money. I asked a police officer about our hotel's direction and walked along the area to find the hotel. A bit shocked to see our hotel. It's an old one. Yes, when we booked the hotel we just focus on affordable hotel nearby Termini Station but never thought that it could be this OLD. Okay, no complaint, we just need a place to sleep anyway. 

The next morning we walked to Termini Station and took train to Colloseum (iconic ancient Roman gladiatorial arena) and the adventure started there. All other tourist spots are within the area such as: Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Novena, etc. Rome history is one of the oldest occupied sites in Europe since it has been more than two and a half thousands years. Its historic centre is listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. 

Every first week of the month Colosseum and other tourist spots nearby are free of charge. I guess it's our lucky day when we realised that 6 March is the first week of the month so we could enjoy these magnificent spots for FREE.

We ended this trip in Vatican. Enjoying a big lunch and browsing around the souvenir shops that offer a much cheaper price comparing to other European countries. To wrap up, all you need for Rome and Vatican exploration is strong legs since you'll walk A LOT...#BalurBalsem.